Work I’ve Done

WordPress sites I have built

Circle of 6

Launched: July 2012,

Used the XOXOSMS theme described below, with customizations to color scheme, images, and slight size changes. Site needed a flexible look with a different visual layout for each page.

Get Cooking

Re-launched: July 2012,

Original theme and design, based on Twitter Bootstrap and Roots theme. Design based on the design of this site. This theme leverages responsive design to give the best possible layout and content delivery experience depending on the size of the screen the visitor is using to view the site.


Launched: January 2012,

This site was developed to overhaul an older site built on ColdFusion. I developed the theme, using Empty Canvas as a template based on a design by Miriam Kasell. I also worked with the client to overhaul the information architecture and add functionality. External blogs were also pulled in to minimize the web properties being used and give a consistent look.

ClearWave Software

Launched: October 2011,

ClearWave Software needed a site built for the first time. I worked with them to implement customizations to a theme. We focused on typography and interactivity to bring the site to life and showcase their custom software solutions. Design by Devin Lyttle.

XOXOSMS – can online work IRL?

Launched: October 2011,

This site needed a redesign to fit the film campaign look, as well as a host migration. I streamlined this design into 4 unique page types with interchangeable dynamic sidebars. Because of the flexible use of content, even pages using the same type look unique. Design by Thomas Cabus.

Where is your line?

Launched: July 2011,

This project involved an entire revamp of the site, touching everything from structure, content, functionality, and design. It also involved moving the site to a new host, where the old site had some database issues and the WordPress install could not be easily updated or backed up. I advised on all aspects of the migration, and implemented the design and the new features.

Sarah Salenger

Launched: July 2011, (you’re here!)

I designed and built this new theme from scratch to host my web development portfolio and bio. The design was heavily inspired by Red Rooster Harlem, but coded entirely by me. The background tile was also designed and drawn by me.

XOXOSMS A documentary about love in the 21st century

Launched: December 2010,
(This site has since been redesigned)

I implemented the design and built the structure for the XOXOSMS site, based on direction from the site’s designer and the site’s owner.

Jen Salenger – Licensed Massage Therapist

Launched: September 2010,

For this site, I customized the Vesper theme for WordPress to reflect Jen Salenger’s color palette. I consulted on content development, architecture and art direction. I served as photographer for the photos of Jen herself.

Joe Grimaldi – Photographer

Launched: March 2010,

Site was designed by Joe Grimaldi. We used the Photo-Biyori theme to provide functionality, and harnessed that to customize the archives page and other details. I advised on gallery usability, as well as implemented all customizations to the site.

Get Cooking

Launched: February 2009,

Using the ubiquitous Misty Look theme for WordPress, I built this customized blog. Changes away from the original theme were based on my needs and design choices for the blog. It has served as a sandbox website for me to try things out. I provide nearly all content and photographs.

Other sites I have built or worked on